Watch The Demonstration of The Vitality 14' ELITE Swim Spa

Watch the Demonstration of the Vitality 14′ “Elite” Swim Spa. It is Loaded with Great Features that Will give You So Many Years of AQUA Swimming Benefits, Ease Pain, and Family Fun… ✮ ★ ✮ ★ GET YOUR Questions ANSWEREd – Call Toll-Free… 888-503-8703

Better Built Swim Spas are what Swim Spa Source is all about. What’s Important About Swim Spas IS HOW WELL THE CONSTRUCTION IS UNDER THE HOOD & THE QUALITY OUTSIDE
Call Now…888-503-8703 With Swim Spas, it’s a Pool and a Hot Tub… All in ONE! You Can Swim 365 days a year, No matter what the exterior temperature is. It’s Important to get a Good Swim Spa That Has a Very Strong Support Frame and that is Assembled In a Strong Construction Method. Our Vitality “ELITE” Series Swim Spas Have the Strong Titan Steel Welded and Rustoleum Coated Frame with Walls and Across the Botton is Superior Support 2″ Beams that go all across and under the swim spa @ every 24 inches… So if the pad might not be 100% perfect, Our Titan Frame covers that! . Bad Old School is using 2×4 Wood products that are STAPLED together…That doesn’t sound Strong…does it? Well, it is Not as Strong as Our Steel Welded and Coated!Titan Support Frame. We are a Discounted Distributor of High Quality, Full Powerful Featured Swim Spas with incredibly WIDE Tiltable River Stream Jets that you can direct the current to your feet – knees for a walking Treadmill, Tilt straight out for a Swim Mill, and Lastly, Tilt Upwards for a Back Massage Mill! This is AWESOME for Helping Relieve : Body Pain, Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Arthritis Pain, Fibromyalgia Pain, Head Aches, and because your body weight is up to 50% less weight in Warm Water, it Saves your pounding on your feet, legs, hips, and the rest of your body. Our Vitality Swim Spas are designed for All Levels of Swimming, No matter what level of a Swimmer you are, You will LOVE our Vitality Swim Spas… Call and talk to a Real Swim Spa Expert Who Cares about Your Needs. We want to Earn Your Valued Business and We will NOT Pressure Selling to You… but… We Will Prove to You the Features and Benefits of our Vitality Swim Spas from Swim Spa Source. Then You Will Have the Educated Knowledge to make Your Best Decision. Much better than a pool..! Low-Cost Monthly Operation Cost… it won’t hurt your monthly bill! We use A Poly ABS Bottom to keep mice, snakes, bugs, and rodents out, including the rain…Wood Products by others soaks up the water and attract bugs. Our ABS Poly Synthetic Look Alike Woodis so Much better than Wood… Easy Wipe Clean for years and Years… No Coating, painting, oiling needed like wood cabinets. Our 3 way Artic Insulation is Incredible.
We use separate Energy Miser Pumps for Heating and filtering. We use Dirt Catcher Filters that Lock in the dirt so it doesn’t go back into your Vitality Swim Spa! Swim Spa Source has a 5 Star Service and we use professional techs in almost every city in the USA. We are Available with a Swim Spa EXPERT for you to talk to 7 days a Week… from 10am till 10pm. Swim Spa Source Means Quality and Old Fashing Service for YOU! Now Call Us…888-503-8703…
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