Vlad Mutuleanu – Two Persons

Two pidgeons fly together,
Two flowers shine more than ever.
Two souls bonded forever,
Two hearts sticking together.
Two worlds peacefully united,
Two dreams founding each other.
Two families coming together,
Two persons happy as ever.
In the screams of happiness,
In the bright of lightness,
In the sounds of religion,
In tradition of ages.
Together they are fierce,
Together they are free,
Together they are stronger.
Everything is peaceful,
Everything is bright,
Everything is as it must.
Through the years
That always pass,
You should stay together
To the last.
Through the challenges
That will soon come,
You should keep united
And never back down.
Through all the difficulties
That you will meet,
Stay strong together,
Helping each other
And the life ahead
will be brighter.

Vlad Mutuleanu