Towel Rack – Home Appliances

You barely have room to move about in your bathroom. But, where and how to fix any towel hanger? How long can I keep my clothes on latch knobs and on shower heads? Exasperated? Don’t worry!

Introducing the foldable TOWEL RACK which will occupy virtually no space on the wall but will expand to carry all your clothes during bath. Even when folded, one rod can be used.

Made of industrial grade plastics and stainless steel, the design is so innovative that it occupies virtually no protruding space in your bathroom. But, when expanded, the foldable TOWEL RACK sports a spacious 4-rods configuration to carry all your clothes. After use, the rack can be folded to stay flat along the wall.

Installation is very easy. With the template given, just drill 4 holes and hang. Your TOWEL RACK is ready to use. The TOWEL RACK requires very little or no maintenance. As long as it is not abused with excessive force, your TOWEL RACK is designed to last for years.


1. Occupies very little space.

2. Telescopic type. Foldable.

3. Long lasting construction and materials.

4. Stylish

5. Can be installed in all types of bathrooms