The Duet Hot Tub –

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There are literally hundreds of different hot tub and spa models available on the market.

There’s no doubt that a hot tub spa is a desirable addition to any garden, but it can be an expensive buy, so it’s worthwhile to figure out how much you would use it before splashing out the cash.

What Size Hot Tub Spa Should You Buy?

A hot tub spa can be bought in many different sizes, all of which are designed for a certain number of people to sit or recline in.

If you are looking for a hot tub for just you and one other person then you should take a look at the Duet hot tub.

The Duet hot tub delivers great performance in a compact space- ideal for those restricted in space or finances. This hot tub has 10 massage jets, a 1.5hp pump and has two comfortable seats. It is only 216cm (85″) long x 127cm (50″) wide x 74cm (29″) deep. It weighs only about 115kg (250 lbs), light enough for you and about 3 other guys to pick up and move to anywhere you want it placed. The hot tub has the new heat recovery technology built in to it.

An insulated cover to keep the water warm between uses is included. The under water light comes with three coloured lenses to change the mood of being the spa. It has a maintenance free cabinet to make it easier for you to look after and it comes equipped with a powerful 13 amp power supply to give you lots of power to run the jets.

You can upgrade the jets to chrome from the standard grey to improve the hot tub’s look.

So, if you have a small space to work with or you would just prefer to soak in a smaller hot tub that is very well built, then the Duet hot tub is very worth considering.