Summer Pool Safety: Why Quality Is Important

Summer Pool Safety: Why Quality Is Important

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When summer arrives, a countless number of pool owners prepare their pools for the swimming season. If you are one of those owners, it is important that you carefully review and inspect all safety equipment. This includes your pool fence, pool alarm, cover, and drain. Look for damages and replace when needed. If you are a new pool owner, it is important to review what safety tools and equipment you need or should have.

As for what is needed, it depends on where you reside. Many states have requirements that mandate the installation of a fence around all swimming pools. A small number of states also require pool alarms. Even if you aren’t faced with a number of pool safety rules and restrictions, the previously mentioned items are still recommended. If you are a parent, they can help to keep your child alive and well. If you aren’t a parent, they can help to reduce your liability in the event of a pool accident that involves a family member or a neighbor’s child.

If you are interested in buying a pool this season, it is important to include the cost of all required or recommended pool safety tools and equipment pieces. Many homeowners learn too late that they actually cannot afford the cost of their new swimming pool, due to needing a safety fence, alarm, or both. Don’t waste money on a pool that you can’t afford and don’t install a pool knowing that you can’t protect it.

What is nice about protecting your pool is the choices that you have. In terms of pool safety fences, you can choose from chain linked, wrought iron, wood, and mesh. Aside from appearance, cost is one of the biggest factors taken into consideration. With that said, when it comes to pool safety you should never compromise quality for costs. In terms of pool fences, a chain-linked fence may be cheap, but some fences make it easy for small children to put their feet in and climb.

As previously stated, pool alarms are another safety tool that you should utilize this summer. As with fences, a number of different manufacturers make these alarms. While you may head straight for the cheapest box, remember that quality is important. Some pool alarms have received poor ratings from experts and consumers. Even if you intend to purchase an alarm locally, consider reading ratings and reviews online first. A few extra dollars is more than worth it to get a pool alarm that actually works or sounds promptly.

As for safety covers, they vary depending on the type of pool in question. Automatic vinyl pool covers are available for inground pools. Mesh safety covers can be used on certain aboveground pools, such as those with decks. This is because mesh safety covers need a strong surface to be anchored to. In terms of affordability, solar pool covers are the cheapest on the market, but they do not offer anything in terms of protection. Unlike automatic vinyl and mesh covers, which you could actually walk on, solar pool covers are not designed to hold weight.

Safety pool covers, pool alarms, and fences are just three of the many summer pool safety tools that you may want to utilize this summer. Regardless of what you purchase or where you make your purchase from, remember that quality is more important than saving a few dollars.