Runaway Bike HOT TUB Chain Lubricant Review

Runaway Bike HOT TUB Chain Lubricant Review

Runaway Bike HOT TUB Chain Lubricant

The easiest way to give your bike chain a full melted-paraffin wax lube. Remove the chain from your bike, place it in the HOT TUB, and heat the entire container in a water-bath on your stove-top.

We recommend that you do a professional-grade hot paraffin lube once in the spring and once again in the fall, then supplement throughout the summer with a wax “squeeze bottle” type lube. Your bike will thank you.

Professional bike technicians have known for years that nothing lubricates and repels dirt better than paraffin… not to mention much cleaner than oil and grease products. It’s always been a messy involved process until the Runaway Bike HOT TUB. Add speed to your ride with molten paraffin wax.

Normal road and trail dirt does not stick to a chain treated with the HOT TUB. Your chain is left clean to the touch (that’s right, no more chain-grease tattoos!). Advanced additives extend lubrication while providing additional protection against moisture, rust, and corrosion.

*** NOTE: Be sure to watch the entire boiling process closely. Don’t let all of the water in your water bath completely boil away while the lubricants are melting. This can result in the tub itself melting into the pot.