New Endless Pools E500 Swim Spa – Endless Pools Swim Spa Dealer San Diego

Introducing the all-new Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, where you can swim, exercise and relax all in one place within the privacy of your own home. The Endless Pools E500 combines beautifully functional design with the innovative Endless Pools Swim Machine. For an unsurpassed swim, our smooth even current is fully adjustable in speed from a gentle breaststroke to a racer’s pace. With this easily adjustable current the speed will suit anybody from the beginner to the serious triathlete. At full speed the swim is identical to a 1:08 hundred yard pace. No other spa offers the same level of quality, design aesthetics and fun as the Endless Pool Spa. Schedule a Test Swim at either of our San Diego Locations. 760 591-7665