Introduction To Hot Tub

Introduction To Hot Tub

In strict and most common usage there is no genuine difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi. Both are used to explain tubs of hot water which use jets of forced air to produce currents and bubbles, either for therapeutic or strictly pleasurable purposes. Jacuzzi is a brand name, and so strictly speaking it portrays only those hot tubs and spas manufactured by the Jacuzzi Company. The Jacuzzi brothers immigrated to California from Italy in the early half of the 20th century, and according to the company’s website were productive inventors. Starting with aviation inventions, the Jacuzzi brothers moved into hydraulics, making great strides with the agricultural pump. In 1956 they invented a hydrotherapy pump for personal use. This pump, the J-300, was then sold to hospitals and schools.

More about the hot tub

In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi created the first whirlpool spa, which he used to call as the Roman. The Roman was based on the hydrotherapeutic pumps of Roy’s parents and grandparents, integrating them flawlessly into a standalone unit. Roy brought his creation around the country, capitalizing on a national obsession with cleanliness, and it became an overnight success to such a point that within a few short decades the brand name has become virtually synonymous with the invention itself. In informal use a hot tub is often seen as distinguished from a Jacuzzi or spa by its lack of jets. In this sense any hot bath or basin of water could be correctly referred to as a hot tub. More often, however, it is used purposely when discussing such things as wooden barrel hot tubs, often with wood-burning stoves or other alternative forms of heating.


This distinction does not hold up in industry discussions, and from the point of view of a strict definition, it is best to treat hot tub and Jacuzzi as mutually interchangeable words. Product literature, for instance, refers often to Jacuzzi hot tubs, giving the general product and the brand name. If we accept the meaning of hot tub as being necessarily without jets, then the term Jacuzzi hot tub becomes an oxymoron. Life is filled of stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a bubbling, swirling soak in a hot tub to where you could sooth your exhausted body and restore your mind and spirit? Hot tubs are the ideal way to wind down, relax with family, and enjoy the company of friends. There are factually hundreds of self-contained, portable hot tub models available. If you take a little time to investigate brands, find a qualified dealer, and test out the features, you’re sure to find a hot tub that suits your budget and needs.