Increase Your Home’s Value With These Tips

TIP! Increase your home’s energy efficiency by adding weather stripping to your doors and windows. Hardware stores feature this fix relatively cheap, and it seals air in and out, thus boosting the effectiveness of your home’s heating and cooling.

It makes no difference if you are a newcomer to the world of home improvement or have completed lots of individual projects, because it is sometimes tough to find something interesting to tackle. This guide will give you tricks and tips on how to start any type of home improvement project.

TIP! Consider a combo unit if you don’t have much space available for a separate washing machine and dryer. Various combo washer-dryers can be fitted to replace the space for a dishwasher.

Avoid allowing contractors to work on your house without signing a contract. You should consider having a friend or a lawyer look over your contract if possible. Your contract should contain specifics that pertain to all work being performed, costs, warranties and beginning and ending dates.

TIP! Think about putting in matching metal fixtures if you want to change the look of your bathroom. You can find a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes in accessory fixtures like towel racks, cabinet pulls and shower rods.

Use aluminum foil to cover electrical outlets prior to painting. The foil protects while you paint and is much easier to work with than tape. It’s also pretty easy to clean it up. Wait until the paint is dry and just toss the foil into the recycling bin.

TIP! To keep cooled or heated air from escaping around windows and door, purchase some weather stripping. Draft excluders slide beneath the door to prevent hot air inside from leaking out during the winter, as well as keeping warm air in the summer.

Don’t start on your kitchen or bathroom re-do project without first turning off the water supply. Whenever you are dealing with pipes, fittings, or fixtures, finding and turning the shutoff valve should be step number one. Doing this will ensure that you don’t accidentally flood your house.

TIP! If you are doing the projects by yourself make sure you have the correct tools and high quality supplies. It might be more expensive in the beginning, but it will save you money for years.

Important advice that you should not ignore is that you must never hire an unlicensed contractor to do the work on your home improvement project. Every state requires you to possess some kind of certification if you’re a general contractor or a sub-contractor. Keep in mind that these certifications cannot be used to measure the talent of your contractor. Do not hire anyone without a license or certification, since they might not have a professional insurance, which would become a huge problem if the job goes wrong.

TIP! If you are planning a major landscaping project, plan it so that the style and construction complement the rest of your home. A deck or gazebo that complement the style of the home can bring everything together.

Home-improvement projects can be intimidating, even if you have a lot of experience. With this article in mind, you can begin to formulate ideas for your home improvement projects. You can begin to make your home look great, and experience much less frustration.

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