HotTug Is a Blissful Mix of Boat and Hot Tub

HotTug Is a Blissful Mix of Boat and Hot Tub – as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

What happens when you combine a hot tub and a tug boat? A HotTug ofcourse!

The novel boat looks like a modern, miniature version of a tugboat, but it can also hold heated water, which then allows it to serve as a mobile hot tub.

HotTug’s website states that the boat is “a wood-fired hot tub in which you can sail and a tugboat in which you can enjoy warm baths. With or without water the HotTug is a wide and stable boat for up to six to eight people.”

Priced between $14,000 and $21,000 depending on the model, the boat is essentially constructed of wood and contains a stainless steel stove. Buyers can choose to purchase it with an electric motor or opt for another version with an outboard. It can carry 2,000 liters of water, taking approximately three hours to completely fill.

The water stays at 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the surrounding air temperature.

Can you see yourself being in a HotTug?