‘Hot dog fountain!’ Three golden retrievers cool off using buckets and a hose

This is the adorable moment three golden retrievers cool off in their own ‘hot dog fountain’.

The pooches – named Kapao, Khaosoi, and Chayen were all chilling in their own individual tubs full of water in front of their house in Nakhon Sawan, central Thailand.

Six-year-old Chayen was sleeping on the top step while clutching a rubber hosepipe in his mouth, which let the water pour down into his brothers’ basins.

On the middle step is Kapao, aged four, while lounging at the bottom is Khaoso, who is the oldest at seven years old. All of them were wearing their own pairs of funky retro sunglasses.

Owner Phanlop Khanjana said that his dogs like to jump into the small basins, waiting for him to fill the water in every morning for their daily baths. For the video, he then arranged them to make a ‘hot dog fountain’.

Phanlop said: ”The dogs start wagging their tails every time they see me carrying the basins. They just like to get wet in this hot weather.

”But this time I let them take care of themselves and had one of them hold the hosepipe while I kept the water running. They looked very serene and cute.”