Florida Man Claims Alligator in Hot Tub Came With House

One man decided to live with an alligator that he says came with the home.

Moving into a new house sometimes comes with a few unexpected surprises. Leaky faucets, rodents in the basement, massive spiders.. those are the typical issues, but one man decided to live with an alligator that he says, came with the home.

Indian River County Sheriff’s authorities served a search warrant at a residence, located in Vero Beach, as part of a case related to drugs. That’s when cops stumbled upon the alligator, which was living in the hot tub.

According to the owner of the dangerous reptile, 32-year-old Tony Wells Jr, the gator was already at the home when he moved in and he decided to take care of it by feeding the creature chicken.

The gator had reportedly lived in the hot tub for approximately a year. A detective immediately contacted a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission worker.

As part of the original investigation, a 26-year-old woman was arrested for having cocaine and marijuana. However Wells also landed in hot water.

He was charged with possessing an alligator without a permit and was later released from jail on a $500 bond. Neighbors of Wells reportedly had no idea they were living next door to a gator.