EMortgageShop Ratings and Reviews

I RECOMMEND..EMORTGAGESHOP.COM!!! Before I bought The Mortgage Advantage, which is saving me literally thousands in extra mortgage dollars, I was recommending the Mortgage Insiders to friends. Now, I recommend everything the eMortgageShop.com site has to offer. Rob and Terri are unique people in the business world in general, and without equal in the largely treacherous mortgage industry. I recommend the Mortgage Insiders and The Mortgage Advantage without qualification. Michael W.

THEY GOT MY LOAN APPROVED!!! EMortageShop.com council you about credit and guide you in the right direction for a home loan. They will explain what is going on in layman terms so that first time loaners will understand. These guys are wonderful. eMortgageshop.com is awesome. They got my loan approved. Keenan F.