Don't buy a plug and play hot tub until you watch this. How much is a plug and play hot tub?

This video will explain everything that you need to know about purchasing a plug and play entry-level hot tub. It will help you understand how much a hot tub costs. In my opinion the plug-and-play hot tubs are the best hot tubs of 2020 and even more so in 2021. The essential hot tubs is for sure the Fantasy hot tub. It is one of the top 5 best plug in and play hot tubs in 2020. With the 20-year parts guarantee and the 100% trade-in the guarantee. Fully insulated this hot tub is a steal for the price.

Dreammaker Spas and Nordic Spas are also some great choices for plug and play hot tubs.
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00:00 Introduction
00:30 What can you get for $3-8,000
01:12 Under-appreciated Level of Hot Tub
01:42 100% Trade-In Guarantee
02:32 Health is Wealth Use your hot tub
03:35 You should buy a Fantasy Hot Tub
04:38 20 year Parts Guarantee
06:44 Why you need to be picky about what brand you buy
07:29 Watkins Mfg does what they say and say what they do.
08:08 They plug into the wall and then they play. (plug and play hot tub)
09:02. Rotationally molded hot tubs look great these days
09:33. What is the warranty on a plug and play hot tub
10:30. Thanks for watching

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