Create an Internet Listing for your Vacation Rental That Gets You Noticed

Create an Internet Listing for your Vacation Rental That Gets You Noticed

Keeping your vacation rental or bed and breakfast full during the year doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are some helpful tips on creating a vacation property listing that will attract more vacationers to your property.

Property Contact Information
Property contact information is the most important part of your property listing. By including as many pieces of contact information as possible on your rental listing you are ensuring that the you can reply to the person in a timely fashion and have a better chance at getting their business. Don’t add contact information that you occasionally use, such as email. By including contact information, the visitor assumes you will be checking it regularly.

Property Description
This is the place for your rental property to shine. Write descriptions that accurately depict how your home looks, what featured amenities it offers and the great attractions nearby. Remember that your visitors may not have been there before and are trying to determine if this is the place that they will want to create their treasured vacation memories.

Rate Information
Many vacationers have a specific budget they are working with for their trip. It is important to have accurate and detailed rate information for them to choose from.

Pictures are the second most important part of your rental property listing. Many vacationers select their vacation rental by how it looks. If listings do not include pictures it is very likely that it will be passed up. Pictures that are helpful for vacationers are: exterior photos of the cabin/bed and breakfast; photos of the surroundings, such as lakes, rivers, woods; interior photographs of the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom; and attractive amenities, such as, Jacuzzis, hot tubs and swimming pools.

Additional driving instructions or helpful landmarks are a nice addition to your rental listing.

After creating your property listing, come back a day later and read it as if you have never been there before and ask yourself a few questions. Does it give you a way to book your property? Does it tell the visitor how great it really is? Do I have the right pictures added? Can I easily get to the home? Following these steps will ensure your property stays booked all year round.