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Koh Samui Villas – Private Or Resort?

Koh Samui Villas – Private Or Resort?

When staying on Koh Samui, what are the main differences between booking a resort-owned villa or a privately owned villa?

Socialising: On a resort you are not isolated from other people as you are when staying at a private villa. On resorts you get to meet other relaxing holidaymakers with whom you can have a chat and share your experiences. On a resort there is always somebody up and about and a simple ‘Good Morning’ may make their day as well as your own.

Privacy: Yet on a resort, and inside your villa, you can still have complete privacy to do your own individual thing, whether you want to party every night, read and relax or just sit back and watch TV or go on the Internet. In a private villa (provided the villa is not overlooked by neighbours) you can sunbathe naked if you wish whereas at a resort this would definitely be frowned upon.

Staff: Normally at a resort there are full-time staffs on hand daily – whose job is to change the linen and keep your villa tidy and spotless as well as clean around the resort generally. This service can be arranged at a private villa but it is not automatically included.

Security: Just like a private villa, with a resort villa you will have your own set of keys so that you can come and go whenever you like. On a resort you will normally see security staff patrolling the grounds, especially at nighttime whereas with a private villa this is very hard to come by. Normally, in a private-owned villa, you are on your own on this issue.

Pools: Some private villas don’t have a swimming pool at all but where there is, it’s obviously for your private use only. Resorts on the other hand always have one or sometimes two communal swimming pools, and for those families with youngsters it’s nice to know that other guests (and staff) are around to make sure they are safe. Also the swimming pools at a resort are cleaned daily, sometimes twice a day, whereas with a private pool you will be lucky if it’s cleaned once a week.

Catering: Most private villas are self-catering – but with upmarket villas the owner sometimes can arrange for food to be prepared by a chef – although this is not cheap. If a resort has its own restaurant you can eat there if you wish – sometimes a meal is included in your booking. Or you can eat out at local restaurants or have cooked food delivered to your villa. Or you can buy produce and supplies locally and cook the food yourself inside your own villa. Please note; not all resorts have villas with cooking facilities – so double check this aspect before you book.

Cost: A resort-owned villa should work out at less cost because of the larger economy of scale where more guests or small parties and groups can be catered for. On the other hand some upmarket resorts can be very expensive owing to their location, exclusivity and furnishings. Go for low-cost *** villa resorts if possible.

Private Villa or Resort Villa?

As they say on Samui – it’s up to you!