Are Hot Tub Filters Universal? How To Find The Right Hot Tub Filter

Are all hot tub filters the same? Jacque The Hot Tub Lady will show you how to find the filter for your exact hot tub. Hot tub filters are not universal. At one point there were over 150 hot tub manufacturers and each manufacturer had 10- 15 models most with different filters so yes it is important to figure out what filter your hot tub needs. One of the easiest hot tub maintenance is to replace your hot tub filter and The Hot Tub Lady will teach you how to figure out which spa filter you need for your hot tub in this video. She will take you to the Unicel website and show you how to look up your part number even if you do not know which hot tub model you have.
You will quickly learn How do I know which hot tub filter to buy? How to Measure Hot Tub Spa Filter Cartridges, How to Find the right hot tub filter. Hopefully, this tutorial on how to find the right hot tub filter is helpful.

🕦 Chapters 🕦
00:00 Intro On How To Find The Right Hot Tub Filter
00:47 Over 150 Hot Tub Manufactures No Hot Tub Filters are Not Universal
01:07 Hot Tub tip Make a folder on your phone to keep all the important info there.
01:50 Go back to your purchasing hot tub dealer
03:47 Unicel Filter Replacement Guide Screen Share
04:37 How to measure your hot tub filter
06:57 Do not buy cheap filters
07:25 Thanks for watching

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