American Tubs Senior Safety Walk-in Bathtub

American Tubs offers customizable walk-in tubs with an array of features such as Air Massage, Hydro massage, Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, Micro Bubbles System, and quick drain – patented 2” Hurry Drain® system.

Safety Features of a Walk in Bathtub?

There are several features that a walk in bathtub will usually have. These include:

Safe Walk-in bathtubs

Door for easy access: The name of the walk in tub gives away the fact that to get into the bathtub; you have to walk in through a door that is made wide enough to allow entry. Seniors bodies are fragile and getting into a traditional bathtub is tricky and prone to falls, and the walk in tub alleviates this.

Slip-resistant bottom: Once you are in the walk in tub, it must be ensured that you are not vulnerable to slips when taking a bath. Traditional bathtubs have smooth surfaces which become very slippery when wet. Walk in tubs are made with textured non-skid bottom surfaces to ensure the risk of slipping is completely eliminated.

Anti-scald technology: You know how sometimes when you are taking a shower or bath, the water becomes too cold or too hot? For a senior, if the water gets too hot unexpectedly there may be dire consequences, including scalding or even slipping when they are hurriedly trying to control the temperature. The walk-in tub comes with anti-scald technology which maintains a constant temperature of one’s choosing. One can therefore take a bath without worrying about interruptions brought about by fluctuating temperatures.

Walk in tubs also come with built in grab bars next to the door, which gives one something to hold onto when taking a bath or when you need to change position. And speaking of changing positions, the walk in tub comes with a seat which allows you to remain comfortable during the duration of the bath. It is important to not cover the seat with any insulating material such as a towel, as this will bring about overheating.

Another important feature that comes with walk in tubs is the auto-gravity purge jet system. This whirlpool system is designed to hit your pressure points to create a relaxing and satisfying spa experience. This system is great for circulation and exfoliation, and is a great gift to give to an elderly loved one. It guarantees a relaxing home spa treatment.