5 Hot Tub Buying Myths BUSTED | What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your New Spa

Buying a hot tub is a big decision and today it’s easier to be more informed than ever. Don’t fall for common spa myths perpetrated by other hot tub dealers.

Here are some of the most common spa buying myths we’ve heard from customers who have visited other spa dealers.

Myth #1: All Spas are the same.

We, at The Spa and Sauna Company, know all spas are NOT the same. That’s why we carry several high-quality brands at different showrooms, simply because different people have different needs that can be met by different brands. While our entry level spas are a great value for the price, they aren’t the same as our premium models.

Myth # 2: We’ll beat any price.

Spa dealers are not allowed by spa manufacturers to have overlapping territory, similar to car dealers. For that reason, it is impossible to go in for a quote from The Spa and Sauna Company on a specific hot tub and then get a comparable quote on the exact same spa from another dealer down the road. There just isn’t another dealer carrying the exact same model in the Reno/Tahoe area.

Myth #3: Spas don’t require any chemicals or maintenance.

We have discussed this before, but it deserves repeating. Hot Tubs need to be sanitized with proper water care. At The Spa and Sauna Company, we have a variety of water care options available to fit your needs. To learn about the variety of easy water care options available from The Spa and Sauna Company visit:

It is important to remember that all hot tubs require some type of water care and maintenance. It is simply not safe to get in a hot tub that has not been sanitized.

Myth #4: A new spa manufacturer/dealer makes and sells the best spas.

We say this myth raises the Red Flag Alert! All of the hot tub brands we carry have a long history, of several decades! If you go to a spa dealership that is offering a brand-new spa line, it’s quite possible that the issues with these spas haven’t been discovered yet and the service that may be needed in the future won’t be available. Dealers and spa manufacturers with a short history tend not to stick around for the long haul.

Here, at The Spa and Sauna Company, we’ve been in business since 1990. We have service technicians with more than a decade of experience working on quality hot tubs, such as Caldera, Hot Spring, Sundance and Freeflow Spas. They know these hot tubs well and are available to service your hot tub when needed. We know what can break and what parts to have in stock when you need them. We are always available to help. Should you need service, visit our service site to schedule service:

Myth #5: Hot Tubs are too expensive.

Here at The Spa and Sauna Company, we sell new and used hot tubs, with a wide price range. Used Hot Tubs are available starting at $1,999. New Hot Tubs start at $2,999. We have dozens of hot tubs to choose from, priced anywhere between $1,999 and $19,999.

Special financing is also available, allowing for low monthly payments, upon approved credit.

We carry such a variety of hot tub brands and price points because we believe (1) Everybody needs a hot tub, and (2) Everybody can have a hot tub. We believe that so fully, it’s our company’s mission statement.

For more information about the high-quality hot tub models we carry, check out our hot tub finder here: https://spaandsauna.com/hot-tub-finder/

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