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Spas Etc. is the oldest spa retailer and has been serving our community since 1986. We take pride in offering the most reliable, efficient, and superior quality spas on the market. Our number one priority is providing our customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction. This is why nearly half of the hot tubs we sell start with referrals from happy customers.

This commitment to quality is why we carry Hot Spring® Portable hot tubs made by Watkins Manufacturing. They are the world’s leading spa manufacturer and the industry leader in spa design, technology, and construction. Designed to deliver the ultimate in hydromassage and relaxation, Hot Spring tubs are available in eight models and sizes, one for every budget and backyard. We also carry Limelight, and Hot Spot spas.

We will help you select the Hot Springs spa that’s perfect for you and your family. Buying a spa is a decision you shouldn’t rush or feel pressured into, so please don’t hesitate to ask us a lot of questions. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

At Spas etc., we don’t just want to sell you a spa, we want to help make your home one of your favorite destinations!

Relax, we only want to get you into Hot Water!

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A Brief History of Swimming Pools

A Brief History of Swimming Pools

Swimming is, by far, one of the most popular pastimes in the world. It is also one of the oldest. As an organized activity, swimming dates back to around 2500 BC. Swimming was immensely popular in ancient Egypt, and there are a number of relics from the period which depict the act of swimming in vivid and awe-inspiring detail. In ancient Greece and Rome, swimming was taught to boys as part of their elementary school curriculum. Furthermore, the first known public swimming pools were built in Rome.

Under the direction of a wealthy Roman lord named Gaius Maecenas, the first heated swimming pool was also built for public use. Plato, himself, once declared that anyone who could not swim lacked a proper education. Who dares to argue with him? Aside from the Greeks and Romans, many other ancient cultures have left evidence of their love for swimming; among them the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians. There is also evidence of competitive swimming in Japan over 2000 years ago.

In the 1830’s, swimming became extremely popular in England with the establishment of various swim clubs. At the time, the breaststroke was the most oft used technique. In 1885, Captain Matthew Webb became the first man to swim across the English Channel and the breaststroke was his technique of choice. Two of the most popular swim clubs from the time were The Otter Swimming Club and The Leander Swimming Club.

In 1896, the first of the modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece. Naturally, competitive swimming played a significant role. The swimming event was held in the Aegean Sea, in the bay of Zea. The gold medalist for the swimming event was a fellow named Alfred Hoyos Guttman. Of the event, he said that his greatest struggle “was against the towering twelve-foot waves and the terribly cold water.” Swimming continues to play a prominent role in the Olympic Games.

Swimming continues to be the sport of choice for many of today’s athletes. Most cities have public swimming facilities, where you can swim for competitively or merely for fun. In fact, a number of public swimming areas also offer lessons for a very reasonable price. If you are a keen swimmer, you might even consider installing a pool in your backyard. With summer just around the corner, it would be a good time to start planning.

Deer Antler Bathroom Towel Bar Rack Review

Deer Antler Bathroom Towel Bar Rack Review

Deer Antler Bathroom Towel Bar Rack Review

IMAX Quilt / Towel Rack Review

IMAX Quilt / Towel Rack Review

IMAX Quilt / Towel Rack Review

IMAX Quilt / Towel Rack

Wrought iron and cast iron construction.

31″ wide.

38 1/2″ high.

17″ deep.

Towel rack from wine barrels

Towel rack from wine barrels

Get from :

Towel rack from wine barrels

Towel rack from wine barrels

SeaTeak 62446 Paper Towel Rack with Spice Rack

SeaTeak 62446 Paper Towel Rack with Spice Rack

View on :

SeaTeak 62446 Paper Towel Rack with Spice Rack

Product Description :
Constructed with 100 Solid Teak
Fits standard roll
Spring-loaded bar
Does not include Mounting Hardware
The high oil content of teak makes it perfect for environments exposed to weather like your boat or anywhere for a nautical touch to your décor
Constructed with responsibly harvested 100 Solid Teak

Towel Rack – Home Appliances

Towel Rack – Home Appliances

You barely have room to move about in your bathroom. But, where and how to fix any towel hanger? How long can I keep my clothes on latch knobs and on shower heads? Exasperated? Don’t worry!

Introducing the foldable TOWEL RACK which will occupy virtually no space on the wall but will expand to carry all your clothes during bath. Even when folded, one rod can be used.

Made of industrial grade plastics and stainless steel, the design is so innovative that it occupies virtually no protruding space in your bathroom. But, when expanded, the foldable TOWEL RACK sports a spacious 4-rods configuration to carry all your clothes. After use, the rack can be folded to stay flat along the wall.

Installation is very easy. With the template given, just drill 4 holes and hang. Your TOWEL RACK is ready to use. The TOWEL RACK requires very little or no maintenance. As long as it is not abused with excessive force, your TOWEL RACK is designed to last for years.


1. Occupies very little space.

2. Telescopic type. Foldable.

3. Long lasting construction and materials.

4. Stylish

5. Can be installed in all types of bathrooms

Examining Oahu Vacation Rentals: Points You Will Want To Consider

Examining Oahu Vacation Rentals: Points You Will Want To Consider

Are you in the process of planning your next trip to Hawaii?
If you are and if you are looking to visit the island of Oahu, you will want to take the time to examine Oahu vacation rentals. When compared to other overnight accommodations, such as hotels and resorts, they come highly rated and recommended by tourists, especially those on extended vacations.

As you likely already know, you have a number of different options when it comes to Oahu vacation rentals. For starters, vacation rentals come in a number of different formats. These formats often include vacation homes, vacation condos, vacation apartments, vacation villas, and vacation cottages. You also have a wide range of options when choosing the specific vacation rental you want to book for your next vacation. With a number of different options, you are more likely to find the vacation rental of your dreams, but it should still require a little bit of research.

When examining Oahu vacation rentals, including Oahu homes, Oahu villas and Oahu condos, you will want to examine cost. Cost is one of the most important factors that you will want to take into consideration. When it comes to cost, it is important that you stay under your budget. Even if you aren’t on a budget, you may want to refrain from paying too much money for an Oahu vacation rental. The more money you save on your overnight accommodations, the more money you should have to put towards doing fun Oahu activities, like dancing and dining.

Location is another one of the many factors that should be examined, when looking to rent an Oahu vacation home, condo, apartment, or villa. When examining location, it is best if you already have an idea of which area of Oahu you would like to visit. Popular Oahu vacation destinations include Honolulu, Kailua, and Waialua. If you have yet to decide where in Oahu you would like to vacation, you may want to examine popular Oahu activities and attractions, as doing so may help you pinpoint the best location for your next Oahu vacation rental.

In keeping with location, it is also important that you examine the view. What is nice about taking Hawaii trips is the scenery. Oahu, as well as the other Hawaiian Islands, are full of beautiful views. Depending on the Oahu vacation rental you choose, you may get a perfect picture view. Although you will find some variances, you should gain access to an ocean view, mountain view, or at least a garden view.

Vacation rental features are another important point that you should take into consideration. Whether you make the decision to rent a vacation home, villa, condo, or apartment, your rental should come with a number of standard features. These features may include internet access, cable television, functioning kitchen appliances, and so forth. In addition to standard features, many Oahu vacation rentals, especially those considered luxury rentals, have additional features, which may include garden or patio areas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and so forth.

An additional point that you will want to take into consideration is that of privacy. No matter what the intent of your vacation is, like to have a break with your family or take a romantic getaway with your romantic partner, you may want to have some privacy. After all, privacy allows you to enjoy yourself and that is the goal of all vacations, to have a good time. You can easily examine the privacy allowed with each individual vacation rental by examining pictures. You can also take the type of Oahu vacation rental into consideration. In most cases, standalone rentals, such as homes and villas, give you more privacy.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many points that you will want to take into consideration, when examining Oahu vacation rentals. Other additional points that you may want to place a focus on include appearance and size. To examine a large number of Oahu vacation rentals with ease, you may want to visit a Hawaiian travel website, such as Most will allow you to examine privacy, appearance, size, features, cost, and location through the use of detailed vacation rental pictures and descriptions.

Planning A Project? Use These Tips To Help!

TIP! Once you’ve tried every possible method imaginable to rid yourself of a squeaky door, if it still persists, it might be time for a new door hinge. Every hardware store has them.

Partaking on home improvement projects is a good way to improve your house’s needs and it could also save you a lot of money. This article provides a host of ideas and tips that will be useful to you no matter how far along you are in the planning process.

TIP! One really great thing to consider doing when you’re improving your home is to add solar panels. Although you will have to make an upfront investment, you will probably find that the cost is worth it.

Use different items as your coffee tables instead of traditional store bought tables. You can use an old chest or old luggage to make a pretty nice storage bin. Put some high-brow magazines, coffee table books, and interesting decorations like geodes on the table to spice it up. You may even want to add a tablecloth couple with teacups for a more country look.

TIP! Be sure to lay down a tarp to protect the floor while you paint. Don’t let wet paint stain your carpeting or flooring.

When starting any home improvement tasks, be sure to accurately assess the amount of work to be done. Sit and write down a lost of the things that you must do. Seek out a second opinion to ensure you haven’t missed anything in your assessment. This way you will have all of the things that need to be completed in front of you and perhaps you can save some money.

Spaces Makes

TIP! It’s smart to determine the amount of paint you will need before you start painting no matter how large or small your project may be. Taking measurements and estimating the cost of supplies is the best way to find out how much a job could cost to do.

Creating clearly defined living spaces makes it easier to sell your home. For example, make certain that your family room has comfortable and inviting furniture, while your office has functional, utilitarian furniture. This can give the buyers a great idea of how they would use this space upon purchase. Well defined spaces makes a house attractive, and it will be easier to sell.

TIP! If you are improving your landscaping, discuss drainage with your neighbors prior to beginning the project. A good thing to do is to drain the water from your land.

With these tips you are prepared to improve the look and value of your home. They will help develop a home that looks amazing, fits your needs and functions perfectly. It can only get better the more effort you put in, after all — at least if you follow smart advice like this to make sure you do home improvements properly!

Spas Simi Valley

Our team deliver a variety of distinct hot tubs or saunas. Our hot tubs can be used for hydrotherapy or pleasure. Many are outfitted with jets for massage purposes. All these tubs are designed for out of doors locations for instance a courtyard and can comfortably relax, several individuals at the same time. The water does not need to be altered with every use, as a matter of choice scrubed along with sanitary options the same as those used with swimming pools. We deliver hot tubs using either electric or gas heaters to deliver a pleasant soaking temperature. They include a pressure operation providing water to the jets and a suction procedure returning water to the pumps for an helpful hot tub encounter. Along with its jet treatment, these kinds of Spa and Hot Sales Carpinteria position one in control of your hydrotherapy ordeal. The rebuilding real benefits of hydrotherapy have really been undoubtedly realized by all of the world’s great societies, along with a history that dates back thousands of years. In its contemporary form, hot tub hydrotherapy has certainly been found to be helpful in treating tendon soreness and tightness, inflamed health issues, and the symptoms of every day anxiety. Particularly beneficial are spa hydrotherapy treatments that mix together the elements of warmed water, water massage , and reduction of stress on sore joints by cutting down body weight by virtue of buoyancy. These types of spas continue the age old heritages by complementing the restorative properties of water. These use massage, heat and buoyancy to stimulate your body’s natural restorative healing process, and promote physical and inner well-being. Every one of our jets are completely adjustable, you control the water volume stream in conjunction with the injection of millions of air bubbles to stroke your complete anatomy. Every single jet decided on is deliberately placed right where you need to get it the most to dissipate just about every ache and distress. They also use a filtration system to help clean the water. These spas use a full foam insulation system and a three inch thick energy conserving spa cover in order to generate greater functionality and require much less energy. Each of these spas are highly developed and present day, with rounded angles for the most at ease encounter. As opposed to the more traditional vertical back, they deliver lounge sitting and added in room in the foot well for peak luxury. With without equal durability, these particular spas are built to survive, produced to be energy efficient and eco-friendly. Hot tubs can empower you feel your best, making available bodily and psychological advantages that you can have a good time every day. As well as offering stress-relief and leisure, a hot tub helps you delight in time outdoor along with loved ones.

Pool Accessory Buying Guide: What to Consider and Where to Shop

Pool Accessory Buying Guide: What to Consider and Where to Shop

MSC Musica.  Deck 13 buffet restaurant, almost open 24 hours per day.
Source: Flickr

If you are interested in purchasing a pool, you are not alone.
Each year, thousands of homeowners make the decision to purchase a swimming pool. Many of these swimming pools are in-ground pools, while others are aboveground pools. Regardless of which type of pool you are interested in purchasing, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. It is often difficult or impossible to purchase just a pool. In addition to a pool, you may need to purchase additional pool accessories or supplies.

When it comes to purchasing pool accessories and pool supplies, there are many individuals who are unsure exactly what they are, let alone where to buy them. If you are about to buy a swimming pool, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular and most needed pool accessories and supplies. Even if you do not plan on purchasing anything right away, you are still advised to consider what is available for your pool. Familiarizing yourself with all of your available options is a great way to not only find quality pool supplies, but find affordable ones.

Perhaps, one of the first things that you should think about purchasing for your new pool is cleaning supplies. In most cases, cleaning supplies will not be included in the cost of your pool. This means that you will need to purchase your own. Whether you purchase your swimming pool from an online retailer or a local pool supply store, you may what to consider purchasing your cleaning supplies and equipment at the same time. This will help to ensure that you do not forget these important items.

When purchasing a swimming pool, it is important that you examine all of the fixtures that are included in your package. Most swimming pool packages will include steps, for in-ground pools, or ladders, for both types of pools. Despite the fact that these fixtures are often included; it is still advised that you check before making your final purchase. In the event that these items are not included, you will want to consider purchasing them right away. Depending on the type of pool you have, you may be unable to go swimming without a way to get in or out of your pool.

Pool fixtures and cleaning supplies are the pool accessories that you should be the most concerned with. Once you have those items covered, you can begin to think about other accessories. These accessories, may include, but should not be limited to, pool toys, pool furniture, and other fixtures. When purchasing these items, it is important to remember that they are optional. While you may enjoy having floatable furniture or fun pool toys, they are not required.

If you are interested in purchasing pool toys, you will find that you have an unlimited number of different options. Pool toys come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. By shopping online or by visiting your local retail store, you should be able to find a large selection of pool toys. These toys may include, but should not be limited to, arm floaties, swim rings, baby floats, beach balls, dive rings, and other floatable toys.

While shopping for swim toys, you may also want to examine pool furniture. This furniture may include, but should not be limited to, traditional floating chairs, floating lounge chairs, or floating rafts. While pool furniture may be a little bit more expensive than most traditional pool toys, you should be able to purchase them from the same locations. Many retailers, both online and offline, will carry a selection of floatable pool furniture. By purchasing your pool toys and pool furniture together you may not only be able to save time, but money as well.

The above mentioned pool supplies and accessories are just a few of the many items that can you can purchase for your in-ground or aboveground pool. For additional products ideas, you may want to visit your local pool supply store or visit the online website of a well-known retailer.

Kaboom: Hot Tub

Kaboom: Hot Tub

Kaboom: Hot Tub



Hot Tub Video

Hot Tub Video

Come join F and C Marketing and improve your lifestyle. Make money at home in your spare time with your own home based business and take control of your life. Find out how. Contact us today. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Hot Tub Cadillac

Hot Tub Cadillac

Hippo Hot Tub

Hippo Hot Tub

Sometimes, it takes a specially-designed hot tub to make …

De-Stress with A Hot Tub

De-Stress with A Hot Tub

West Islip Poolscapes almost ready to be opened to the public, stay tuned. #masonry #pavers #poolpatios #poolscapes #hardscapes #outdoorliving #outdoorkitchens #landscapedesign #landscapelighting #firefeatures #waterfeat
Source: Flickr

If you are an American adult, you have stress. It’s everywhere, all around us; whether it’s the boardroom, the classroom, or the weekly volunteering you do at the city museum, no matter where you are in life, you have stress.

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes and for most of us, the options of dealing with our stress comes in the form of unhealthy choices; drinking, smoking, eating, and so on. How can we address our stress without bringing any of the questionable forms of relaxation into the mix, too? A hot tub will do the trick and you can reap the benefits of de-stressing in a hot tub by using it just a few times a week for 15-20 minutes.

It makes you wonder why every American home doesn’t come with a hot tub built right in. With the way the popularity of the hot tub is increasing and the need for us to have a way to de-stress is always an issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to start seeing just that happen, homes will be built with the hot tub all ready to go when the owner moves in!

The medical communities have addressed the issue of everyday stress and the harm it can do to if it is not taken seriously and dealt with. It is widely recommended for a portion of the day, if it were to be spent in a relaxing and/or meditative manner, that the benefits will be amazing to the individual. Just getting into a hot tub can do the work of de-stressing for just about anyone and the great relief in being able to let go of some of the everyday stress is priceless.

What makes the idea of de-stressing with a hot tub and not just some quiet time is that when you sit in a hot tub, your blood is able to move more freely in your expanded veins and capillaries and your body is no longer being affected by 100% gravitational pull. The fact that your body is able to have a buoyant affect can take up to 30% of the pressure you carry around all day when you are not in a buoyant state that adds stress to your physical body all the time.

There are hot tubs that come with lounging chairs and are equipped with jets to blow water and air at any of your ailing parts that need the attention. Any number of hot tubs can be specifically and personally equipped to address any areas of your body that are particularly stressed. For some people it is their neck and back. There are hot tubs with just that de-stressing component in stalled; where the jets that are going to do the work on those parts of your body are custom-fit for a specific seat in the hot tub.

Maybe the issue you have is that the bottoms of your feet are achy at the end of the day. There are hot tubs that have the jets directly on the floor where you would sit upright and feel their healing power. No matter where stress takes its toll, a hot tub will help the de-stressing process.

Things To Do That Will Raise Your House’s Value

TIP! Many lampshades are plain and boring. Use some basic stencils and paint to give your boring lamp shade something extra.

Home improvement projects can be so much work. Moreover, if you are a newbie, there is a lot that you should be considering and keeping in mind as you get started. The home improvement information in this article can help you whether you are just beginning to gather your supplies or are deciding when you should give in and hire a professional.

TIP! Use a wet sponge on your drywall installation. Instead of sanding seams in drywall, use a sponge.

Before making a home purchase, get a professional to inspect it. This can help you get a much more accurate sense of what type of fixing up may be needed. A professional provides an objective opinion, and that can keep discussion of any issues he or she finds civil.

TIP! You should always maintain good records whenever you hire a professional contractor. Don’t just assume the contractor will do this for you.

If you want to find a simple and easy way to improve your home, visit a paint store and buy some paint. A new coat of paint makes your house feel fresh and new without the costs or headaches attached. If you are aiming to sell your home quickly, a new coat of paint can do the job.

Solar Panels

TIP! The number one tip is to have a plan in place before hand. If you wait until the project begins to make decisions, you may not be able to make up your mind or you may make bad decisions.

Solar panels can improve your home. Yes, there’s a lot of upfront costs, but they can really save you money over time. This reduces your utility bills thanks to stored energy. Solar panels are an excellent, natural solution for providing energy to your home.

TIP! The cushions in your chairs and couches inevitably get flat and compressed over time. You can counteract this tendency by taking your cushions outdoors and letting them get some sunshine.

Avoid any furniture that contains busy upholstery. You may love loud florals or crazy geometric shapes, but they can be a challenge to decorate around. Instead stick to plain colors for furniture, such as greens and browns, and add any accents through the use of accessories. You can experiment with patterns to your heart’s content with pillows and throws without making too much of a commitment.

TIP! After you install new tile, make sure the grout gets sealed. Grout isn’t waterproof on its own.

Taking on a home improvement project on your own could turn out to be a wonderful experience. There are some projects which demand professional assistance for virtually all homeowners, though, no matter how much you refine your home improvement skills. You will want to understand what these professionals are doing, so you may be able to handle any potential fixes in the future. All of these things are important to all home improvement projects. Use the advice learned here and get started right!

Spa And Hot Sales Camarillo

We offer a number of assorted hot tubs or health spas. Our hot tubs might be used for hydrotherapy or delight. Many are outfitted with jets for massage therapy applications. These kinds of tubs are planned for back yard locations such as a backyard and can conveniently breathe easy, several people simultaneously. The water does not need to be transformed by having every use, as a matter of choice scrubed with healthful methods the same as those used with swimming pools. Our company deliver hot tubs using either electrical or gas furnaces to provide a comfortable soaking warmth. They integrate a pressure operation providing water to the jets and a suction operation returning water to the pumps for an excellent hot tub encounter. Using its jet therapy, these Westlake Village Hot Tub place you in control of your hydrotherapy adventure. The rehabilitating health benefits of hydrotherapy have actually been without a doubt discovered by all of the world’s great cultures, with a history that dates back a great numbers of years. In its contemporary form, hot tub hydrotherapy has really been discovered to be excellent in addressing tendon strains and tightness, inflamed health issues, and the indicators of every day anxiety. Notably practical are spa hydrotherapy therapies that unite the factors of hot water, water massage , and minimization of pressure on aching joints by lowering body mass with the help of buoyancy. These spas continue the century old cultures by enhancing the corrective properties of water. These use massage therapy, heat and buoyancy to stimulate your body’s natural healing process, and promote physical and intellectual well-being. All of our jets are fully variable, you manage the water volume circulation alongside the injection of millions of air bubbles to touch your total body. Just about every jet decided on is deliberately put right just where you are in need of it the most to dissipate almost every ache and distress. They also use a filtration system to help clean the water. All of these spas use a entire foam insulation system and a three inch thick energy conserving spa cover in order to generate more suitable productivity and require much less energy. Each of these spas are exceptional and contemporary, with curved angles for the most at ease experience. Instead of the old-school vertical back, they put forward lounge seating and included space in the foot well for peak contentment. Together with unrivaled durability, these kinds of spas are fabricated to last, produced to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Hot tubs can help you feel your best, giving bodily and emotional features that you can enjoy every day. Besides delivering stress-relief and rest, a hot tub assists you appreciate time outdoors along with loved ones.

Child Safety in Hot Tubs

Child Safety in Hot Tubs

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a child play in water. Hot tubs are especially attractive to children because of their depth, which is usually not as deep as the swimming pool and because of the warm temperature. But there are dangers when children and hot tubs are mixed and there isn’t a clue as to what may happen if precautions are not followed.

First child safety tip in regards to a hot tub is to not allow access to any child to the water, especially in the absence of adult supervision. How is that achieved? That safety precaution is kept by having a lockable hot tub cover that will not allow a child access to the water.

No matter what, under any circumstances, should a child be left alone near a hot tub, if a phone rings and you need to answer it, take the child, too. There isn’t any reason for a child to be near a hot tub without adult supervision and many potentially fatal accidents have been prevented by the attention of an adult.

It is important to keep the temperature of a hot tub in mind if child safety is an issue. While most adults can tolerate high temperatures, children are less likely to because among other things, their skin is thinner than that of an adult. With thinner skin, a child is more likely to become over-heated, which can cause dizziness and light-headedness, which can lead to drowning. Children should not stay in a hot tub, with a temperature more than 104 degrees than five minutes or so. Again, this is where adult supervision comes in because a child will not know what is happening to them if they become disoriented as a result of prolonged time in a hot tub; and they may not be able to communicate that they are feeling over-heated or nauseous. As an adult, the monitoring of a child is entirely up to you, no excuses.

The environment in which we enjoy hot tubs can also be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and if not treated, can cause serious illness. If there is any child with an open wound, they should not enter the hot tub, in their own best interest. If a child is too young to tell someone that they need to go to the bathroom, or if they are still in a diaper, they should not, under any circumstances be allowed in a hot tub. Any fecal matter in the moist, warm environment of a hot tub is a dangerous mixture and can cause many, many illnesses. Be safe with this one by keeping the pH levels balanced and having the proper chemicals on hand, if they are needed.

Because children are more susceptible to germs and have not been around long enough to have produced the antibodies it takes to fight some infections, it is imperative that their safety and the safety of those around them, not be compromised by not adhering to the point that children not yet able to express the need to use the bathroom be put in a hot tub, where they may cause fecal matter to be introduced to the atmosphere.

premium leisure spas

premium leisure spas

Too cute! Check out this guy, he’s living the good life. premium leisure spas hot tubs swim spas

Premium Leisure LLC

For More Information Please Visit Site :

Email ID :

Address : 6101 45th St. N. Saint Petersburg, FL 33714

Phone : (727) 573-9611

Best Features in Swim Spas

Best Features in Swim Spas

Best Features in Swim Spas-Ever wondered how a swim spa is delivered? This older video from a customer shows exactly how they lift and move a large swim spa. premium leisure swim spas hot tubs.Great features, exceptional value.

Standard Features

Comfortable Pillows (2)
100 Sq. Ft. Lily Filtration System
ABS Insulated Base and Support Structure
Digital Smart Controls
Custom Designed Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
Lucite® Cast Acrylic
4 Illuminated Water Fountains
Deluxe Perimeter LED Lighting, Coach Lights & Cupholders
Maintenance Friendly Synthetic Cabinet
Ozone Generator
Heavy Duty Cover(s)
16 Gauge Welded Steel Frame
Stainless Safety Handles (2)
Entry Steps (inside)
Components that Meet Safety Standard
website here:-

Swimming And Hot Tubbing With Joe

Swimming And Hot Tubbing With Joe