Winter Hot tub

I purchased this wood fired hot tub from Alumi-Tub and installed it in the summer months. Over Christmas we were able to spend a few weeks at the cottage skiing and keeping a fire going, stoking it up in the morning to keep it hot.
Maintaining 104F/40C was relatively easy and if it got too hot we just closed the firebox lid and kept the top of for a half hour or so. Temperatures ranged between -20C and -28C so cooling it down was not an issue.
I did not want to risk freezing it solid and potentially cracking the tub or the firebox so I drained it. A number of lessons learned that are articulated in the video.
Once you get it going it is also a great way to get rid of waste wood that you would not burn in the interior wood stove. Although a bit of about getting set up in the winter and keeping the fire burning, well worth the effort and highly recommended for 4 season cottage folks.
Also a big shout to Eric and Wendy at alumi-tub for excellent sales and service.

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