Tubs Of Fun Prize Redemption Carnival Game At The OC Fair – Kids Challenge Doc Versus E.L.

Tubs Of Fun Prize Redemption is a Carnival Game that is not easy at all! That said, we did in f SCORE! Keeping mind that your average Carnival Game is VERY expensive, this adds to the extra pressure of earning a plush toy at this Orange County Fair..or ANY Fair for that matter. Tip: If you happen upon Carnival Games that use money, for instance quarter coins, he highly recommend you get your feet wet first on those type of Carnival Games before trying the ones that require the pruchase of tickets. The Ticket Games can be crazy high priced. Thankfully, we were pretty lucky on this one. Another TIP: Watch The MAestro throw his second ball. He adds FORWARD SPIN on the ball which makes it continue to spin forward staying in the tub a bit more. Throwing underhand invariably makes it pop back out more often .\r
Tubs Of Fun Prize Redemption Carnival Game\r
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