Pleatco Advanced SPA Filter Cartridges

All PLEATCO ADVANCED Filter Cartridges center around exclusive and unique, uniformly Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric driving super charged cleaning performance, vastly superior to anything that has come before.

Richard Medina, VP Engineering, Pleatco, explains: “When it came to leisure water cleanliness there was unspoken belief accepted by many in the industry that ‘near enough was good enough.’ At Pleatco we looked well beyond standard filtration fabrics and engage the most advanced manufacturing technology, science and engineering in the world necessary to develop and deliver a truly new industry-leading standard in filtration. Also the properties and filtration issues of a cold water pool versus a hot water tub are vastly different – and it made no sense to us that filtration fabrics have remained the same for over forty years and served both environments. With this in mind, we were the first to break ranks form traditional medias and launched our highly successful Pleatco Advanced POOL Filtration media. We then set about to research, develop and successfully created “the first premium performance filter cartridge specifically optimized for spas.””
PLEATCO ADVANCED SPA 3.2 ounce point bonded filtration fabric is meticulously constructed with a high volume of incredibly fine fiber strands providing better flow, higher dirt holding capacity and longer performance life OPTIMIZED FOR SPAS. Due to the finer fibers and high-tech construction technique, this new fabric has a larger cumulative wet surface area compared to competitive trilobal products. Pleatco Advanced Spa fabric captures a high concentration of body oils, lotions and dirt and allows the release of greater volumes of dirt allowing spa owners to clean the new filters simply and effectively. The new fabric combined with Pleatco’s Free Flow Cores results in better flow, less maintenance, a return to a higher level of original performance after cleaning, longer cycle times between cleaning and longer product life

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