How to Clean Bathtubs

•Bathtub could have dust and hair. If that’s the case and it’s dry, the best way to remove is by vacuuming or using a dry towel. The tub needs to be free of hair/dust before you apply product.
•Spray Tub & Tile Cleaner from top to bottom on bath tub. Make sure tub is dry before you spray. Let spray sit for 5 minutes.
•Use a thick sponge or scrub brush to clean from side to side, top to bottom
•Pour water into a small container and wet the sides of the tub
•If there are any rust stains or yellow spots, mix baking soda and Seventh Generation Dish Soap to make a paste (the consistency of tooth paste). Apply to the spots and leave for 10 minutes. With a pumice stone, rub the paste in a circular motion. Splash with water from a small container.
•If there’s any mold in the tub, directly apply Tub & Tile Cleaner. Let sit 10 minutes. Clean with a scrub brush very strongly. Splash with water from a small container.

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