Cruise Ship Spa Tips – Prices & Deals

In this viewer requestedwe look at Cruise Ship Spas – Tips, What to Expect, Prices & Deals, Treatments, Preparation, and Therapist Pressure.\r
Photos in thiscourtesy of Princess Cruises and Costa Cruises. All photos used with permission.\r
For the most part, dont expect any bargains when booking your spa appointment. With onboard spas theres no real competition to keep prices down. In f, just about every major cruise line spa is operated by the same company. So basically they are free to charge whatever the market can handle. Typically spa sessions are snapped up pretty quickly. So people, including myself, feel the onboard spa experience is worth a little extra expense. Cosmetic treatments, however, are often more reasonable and in some cases less expensive than land-based services. And there are some deals to be found. Cruise ship spas often offer discounts for first-day and port-day treatments. Stop by the spa as soon as you board, and ask them what days theyll be offering their best discounts, or watch the ships daily newsletter for deals.

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