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There really is nothing better than sinking into a relaxing hot tub after a hard day’s work, or after a long day spent ferrying the kids from one place to the next, rushing through dinner, and ending the day in complete exhaustion.

There is nothing that can get you as physically and mentally relaxed as slipping into the welcoming warm water and luxuriating with a long soak in a hot tub. But until recently, owning your own hot tub was only possibe for those with a lot of money to spare, as they cost literally thousands of dollars to buy and install.

Now, however, soaking in your very own hot tub is possible for everyone, with the introduction of portable inflatable hot tubs.

Coming in at only a fraction of the cost, inflatable hot tubs are the perfect way to have your very own tub, and to enjoy all their wonderful relaxation and health benefits.

Inflatable hot tubs – or portable hot tubs as they are also known – start at only a few hundred dollars, but also go up to several thousand dollars. But don’t think that cheap inflatable hot tubs are poorly constructed, too basic, and not worth the money! The fact is, that a tub costing around $300 will still be of a sturdy construction, capable of seating up to four adults comfortably in wonderful warmth, and have dozens of in-built water jets which massage your aching body in wonderful luxury.

In this video, we here at present The Three Best Affordable Inflatable Hot Tubs for Around $300. These three – the M Spa B-90, the Intex 77inch Pure Spa, and the Lay-Z-Spa Miami – all come in with a $300-and-something price tag. And each one has features you would expect of models costing maybe ten times that price.

They are all built of multi-skin, long-lasting sturdy materials; they are easy to inflate, and easy to fill and drain as well. They feature temperature controls which allow you to control the water up to 104F (that’s a few degrees warmer than your natural body temperature, and is the perfect temperature for relaxing). All three also have over a hundred massage jets to ease your aching limbs. Be warned though: inflatable hot tubs are like a magnet to kids, so as well as fun family ‘soak-and-splash times’, you’ll definitely want to set aside some time just for you – and your partner – to enjoy your new hot tub in peace and quiet.

Now it might seem obvious, but the fact that inflatable hot tubs are inflatable is one of their key advantages. Unlike their permanent cousins, with a portable inflatable hot tub you can choose exactly where – and when – you locate your hot tub. Your not stuck with one position in your garden or house (that’s right, you can put it indoors if you want!). You can even pack your portable hot tub away and take it to a friend’s BBQ or garden party – you can even take it on vacation with you. Imagine turning up at the campsite, and having a hot tub outside your tent or motorhome that you can slide into whenever you want.

So check out these Three Best Cheap Affordable Inflatable Hot Tubs and choose the one which suits your wallet and your style. And within only a matter of days, you’ll be sitting in your very own hot tub, having all the stresses and worries of the day soak clean away.

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