Bear Looking For A Little Relaxation Has A Margarita And Takes A Dip In the Hot Tub

A Southern California man’s afternoon margarita session was rather abruptly interrupted by a bear looking for a little R and R. As Mark Hough relaxed in his backyard, he heard a crunching of twigs and rustling leaves. Hough looked up and saw a bear climbing his fence. Recognizing the immediate danger, Hough calmly went indoors and let the newcomer avail himself to the amenities. And the bear, literally, dove right in. Mother Nature Network reports that the party crashing bear slipped into the bubbling Jacuzzi, outstretched his weary arms and had a relaxing soak. A few minutes later, the soaking wet bear emerged from his bath, knocked over Hough’s margarita with a mighty slap and lapped up the punchy contents.

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