A Hot Tub Prank With A Sled Full Of Snow

Hot tubs are super relaxing for the adults and such fun for the kids, especially when there’s a whole bunch of them in it, just like in this video. But, if someone thinks of a good prank to pull on them, things can easily become hilarious! So, you better check it out! This video shows three young boys and a young girl who are all having fun in a hot tub. Some of them are even wearing their swimming goggles, and it looks like everyone is having a time of their lives. So, a man decides to pull a little prank on them and pours a sled full of snow into a hot tub, and everyone starts laughing out loud, but one boy. He gets so upset by this and starts to yell that the hot tub will become cold, which of course cannot be true! His reaction is so hilarious that you simply have to see it!

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